Mr. Tom Cao

Mr. Tom Cao is the founder and Chief Executive Officer of the Europe Asia Economic Forum. As an entrepreneur, Mr. Cao has rich experience in operating international enterprises and collaborating with professionals from diverse backgrounds and fields. As a respected member of the local Chinese Canadian community, Mr. Cao has dedicated great efforts into supporting the fostering of healthy and stable Canada-China relations via numerous community-based initiatives. Mr. Cao’s multidisciplinary background became the inspiration that eventually developed into today’s EAEF.

  • Founder and Chief Executive Officer of EAEF
  • Founder of Norden Wine Ltd.
  • Founder of Bonvin Wine & Spirits Merchants Ltd.
  • Founder and Lecturer of Vancouver Wine School
  • The first and only Chinese Canadian to have received the top honor granted by the Commanderie du Bontemps de Médoc, des Graves, de Sauternes et de Barsac
A Message from Founder
In this ever-changing era of interconnectivity, critical global issues have been rapidly emerging. However, the complexity of our world continues to increase the difficulties in achieving global cooperation. Under the circumstances of rising challenges and instabilities and under the backdrop of one of the most important transformations in global economy and politics of modern history, the Europe Asia Economic Forum (EAEF) was created and established.
Our intention in establishing the EAEF is to offer an environment of mutual trust and open dialogues that brings together stakeholders from various walks of life, ranging from the private sector, governments to civil societies, in order to effectively support the business development of institutions that contribute to global economy, politics and trade relations. The EAEF is committed to transforming conversations into insights, insights into agendas, and agendas into influences. Through collaborating with researchers and our trusted partners, the EAEF aims to promote and integrate the transformation process on industrial, regional and global levels.
Through public events, publications, social media and public media engagements, the EAEF’s platform aims to provide a variety of opportunities in encouraging discussions and communications among professionals, industry leaders and academics across the world while adhering to our faith in the principles of impartiality, openness, innovation and excellence.
In the future, we will continue to strive towards contributing to the betterment of the state of the world through our expertise, capabilities and strategic alliances across fields and around the world. I am, along with my esteemed colleagues at the EAEF, are fully committed to supporting our stakeholders by contributing to the implementation of the mission in building a community of shared future for mankind.
July 2021
Vancouver, British Columbia