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The Europe Asia Economic Forum collaborates with industry leaders and government officials to create a systematic platform to deliver research results that aims at explaining and forecasting on the movements of the driving forces behind policymaking, commerce trends, social movements and challenges in international relations. The EAEF also keeps close communications and active relationships with experts and scholars of various fields across the globe as part of our efforts in cultivating information resources.

In addition, the EAEF also utilizes artificial intelligence and other cutting-edge digital technology to turn scholar insights into dynamic visualization contents. Through the innovative approach of combining artificial intelligence and traditional research capabilities, the EAEF has since developed its own digital platform, EAEF-Link, which will create positive long-term impacts in enabling continuous and efficient communications.

Past Events

NEW CHALLENGES NEW STRATEGIES, Canada-China Economic & Trade Outlook of 2021

April 10, 2021, 4PM PST (Vancouver)

April 11, 2021, 7PM PST (Beijing)

Hosting Partners:

Europe Asia Economic Forum

Event Objective:

Four Canada-China relations experts discuss new strategies and challenges in economic engagement between China and Canada.

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