Call for Papers

As one of the EAEF’s first initiatives in curating our own pool of policy researchers and talents, the Europe Asia Economic Forum is now inviting the submission of essays on selected topics of Canada-China relations, global economy and global politics. The global economy and politics are currently witnessing a period of rapid and immense change. The significant rise of global economic activities from the Global North to the emerging powers in the Global South has been signalling to be challenging the historically Western-dominated global political status quo. This transformation has been identified to be one of the most important in modern history and prompted considerable debates in academic and policy circles around the world about the agendas of the emerging powers and the consequences of their rise. The EAEF aims to present the general public with a variety of analysis on the current and future state of the global economy and politics through the lens of public, economics and foreign policies. The selected top authors will receive a cash prize, as well as the opportunity to present their papers to an audience and a panel of experts at an upcoming EAEF event in 2021.
Examples of Essay Categories:
  • International Trade and WTO
  • Global Financial Governance
  • Environment and Climate Change
  • Techno-Nationalism and Global Development
  • Emerging Technologies and Investment
  • Surveillance, Intellectual Properties and International Collaborations
Submission Criteria:
  • The submitted essay can be on any topics related to Canada-China relations, global economy, politics and societies; the essay can be either domestic or international in nature
  • The submitted essay must be original and have not been previously published in an academic journal or on other peer reviewed platforms. The EAEF is not liable for any copyright infringement as a result of the author(s)’ submission
  • A title page with full names of the author(s), contact information including email address, phone number and affiliated institutions or schools should be included
  • The body of the submitted essay should be free of information that may suggest or present the identities of the author(s) in order to allow a blind review process
  • The submitted essay should be in English and include an abstract of 200 words maximum
  • The submitted essay should be 2500 words maximum excluding references, font size 12, double spaced using standard margins
  • The essay must be submitted no longer than September 30th, 2021, 16:00 PST by e-mail to:, please include “Your last name(s) – EAEF Essay Submission” (e.g., Liu, Reeves and Hazel – EAEF Essay