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Headquartered in Vancouver, Canada, The Europe Asia Economic Forum (EAEF) is an emerging think-tank platform that specializes in producing research about Canada’s public and foreign policies. Founded in 2020 as a grass-root initiative, the EAEF is dedicated to supporting the comprehensive development of multilateral relations among European, Asian, and North American states and markets by conducting independent public and empirical research, as well as promoting free and open dialogues among diasporas, industries and interest groups. The EAEF’s faith is laid in the principles of impartiality, openness, innovation, and excellence.

Through public events, publications, social media and public media engagements, the EAEF’s platform aims to provide a variety of opportunities in encouraging discussions and communications among professionals, industry leaders and academics across the world. In the upcoming months of 2021, the EAEF will organize a series of seminars to provide platforms in addressing the critical need for meaningful dialogues of all levels, as well as in communicating and exchanging research results on issues pertaining to politics, commerce, science and technology and international migration.


Mr. Tom Cao is the founder and Chief Executive Officer of the Europe Asia Economic Forum. Mr. Cao has gained unique experience and fostered diverse perspectives on global economy, politics and trade relations having founded and operated multiple successful corporations that specialize in international trade across Asia, Europe and North America over the years. While working as an entrepreneur, Mr. Cao worked extensively and established close working relationships with policy experts and industrial leaders over the years, which inspired his faith in supporting the peaceful and healthy development of various aspects of international relations. As a respected member of the Chinese Canadian community, Mr. Cao has personally supported numerous community-based initiatives aimed at encouraging cultural exchanges and boosting commercial trades between Canada and China. Nowadays, Mr. Cao is committed to supporting the business development of initiatives and institutions by providing a platform of strategic support, as well as free and open dialogues.

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Professor Emeritus at the University of Macau. Professor Wang is a leading expert in international affairs and specializes in the research of U.S.-China relations, Chinese foreign policies, China-Japan relations and East Asian regional security.

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Mr. Ding Guo is one of the most reputable and respected political commentators among the Chinese diaspora. His comments and articles have been regularly published on news sources across China Mainland, Taiwan, Hong Kong and North America. He has also published several books pertaining to modern history, politics, migration and international affairs.

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Travis Liu

Travis graduated from the Smith School of Business at Queen’s University in 2019 and has recently obtained his master’s degree in Public Policy and Global Affairs from the University of British Columbia in 2021. Travis’s research explores the intersectionality of Asia Pacific regional security and Chinese domestic politics. Travis previously worked with Accenture Strategy in Shanghai serving a number of high-profile Fortune 500 clients.

Contact him at travis.liu@eaef.net

Weiqiang Wang

Weiqiang Wang’s research focuses on intellectual property, tort liability, and the interaction between Chinese law and international law. Wang is currently involved in research and multi-sectoral discussions on the mechanisms of interaction between technological advancement, intellectual properties, data safety and public policies.

Contact him at wallwang213@gmail.com